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  1. Excessive wear of brake pads
    The service life of the brake pads is also limited. Generally, they should be replaced after 50,000 kilometers. Of course, some vehicles have a longer replacement cycle, but when the brake pads reach the warning line or are excessively worn, they often make some abnormal noises. The main performance is sharp metallic screech
  2. The material of the brake pad is excellent
    Because the current original brake pads are generally made of semi-metallic materials, friction between the brake pads is prone to noise.
  3. There are foreign objects between the brake pads. For the car owner, some foreign objects such as sand and gravel are brought into the brake pads or brake discs during driving, and abnormal noise will be generated when the car brakes.
  4. The installation of the brake system is not standardized
    This is mainly related to the distance between the brake pad and the brake disc and the tightness of the nut.

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