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The brake pad is a crucial component of the automobile braking system, directly impacting the vehicle’s safety during operation. However, in practical usage, many drivers may observe that their brake pads do not always produce an audible warning sound. What factors contribute to this phenomenon?

Firstly, it is imperative to comprehend the composition of brake pads. Typically, brake pads consist of steel substrates, friction materials and bonding agents. The friction material is the component that directly contacts the brake disc and facilitates deceleration of the vehicle by providing necessary frictional force. The bonding agent serves as an adhesive that binds together the steel substrate and friction material.

For the issue of brake pad noise, we can analyze it from the following perspectives

The sound produced by brake pads is influenced by both the manufacturing process and materials used. Improper adhesion between the friction material and steel back plate can cause loosening and vibration, resulting in harsh noise. Additionally, excessively hard friction material can also contribute to unwanted sounds. Therefore, it is crucial to select appropriate manufacturing processes and materials that balance braking performance with noise reduction.

Secondly, the audibility of noise is also influenced by the quality of brake pads and discs. Corrosion, wear or unevenness on the surface of a brake disc can cause an unbalanced contact area between it and the pad, leading to vibration and noise. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance of brake disc condition as well as timely replacement of damaged parts are effective measures in preventing noise.

Finally, the driving behavior of the operator may also contribute to brake pad noise. Frequent or prolonged braking during operation can cause excessive friction, high temperature and wear between the brake pads and discs, resulting in noise. Therefore, reasonable route planning, reducing sudden braking situations, maintaining moderate speed and braking force are effective measures to reduce noise.

In brief, brake pads are produced through a rigorous process and material selection. However, the braking performance and safety of the vehicle still require consistent maintenance and inspection to ensure proper operation.

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