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1. The braking distance is extended, and when emergency braking is required, the vehicle cannot stop in time, causing accidents

2. The quality is not good enough, the service life is short, and it is very likely to cause the breakage of the brake pads when braking vigorously, causing the car to fail

3. The wear of the brake disc is large, and it will even cause damage to the brake disc during use. If things go on like this for a long time, it will not only reduce the service life of the brake disc, but also bring safety hazards to daily driving

4. The brake pads produced by the original manufacturer have no noise during use, but the inferior ones have braking noise during use

5. The replacement cycle of the original brake pads is 60,000-80,000 kilometers (or even longer), and the service life of inferior brake pads will be significantly lower

6. When the brakes cause the wheels to be locked, the wheels lose the ability to resist the lateral force, and it is easy to slip and the car is out of control.

7. Unqualified materials are likely to increase its thermal attenuation and thermal conductivity, thereby reducing the braking effect of the vehicle

8. There is a lot of dust during use, which causes noise when the brakes are rubbed

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